Saturday, 8 December 2012

Rambling No.1


     Hi! Reader! Thank You! You ask why? For starting to read this, of course! This is supposed to be my memoir!   A couple of years ago my darling daughter who is in the U.S.A. asked me, nay, commanded me in one of our telephonic conversations, to write my memoirs! I thought she was just joking and therefore, I agreed but kept quiet in this regard. In her subsequent telephonic conversations she tried to persuade me to write my memoirs. I told her that I will do so but kept quiet in this regard. She then started to pester me! I wonder what made her to ask me to write my memoirs! I was never good in any human language, including my mother tongue Tamil. I can read, write and speak in English to some extent. But in Tamil I can speak and read quite fluently; but when it comes to writing I fumble in respect of certain alphabets. This is due to the fact that after eleventh standard I was not writing in Tamil. My dear child did not heed to any of my explanations or excuses for not writing my memoirs or anything else. Just to please her I decided to attempt to write.  Now the very first question that arose in my mind was “what is a memoir?” I probed and found something which I liked. A memoir is a .
History or record composed from personal observation and experience. Closely related to autobiography, a memoir differs chiefly in the degree of emphasis on external events. Unlike writers of autobiography, who are concerned primarily with themselves as subject matter, writers of memoir usually have played roles in, or have closely observed, historical events, and their main purpose is describing or interpreting those events.”

     Okay!  I decided to write something, not exactly memoir but what?  I just decided to ramble!  Let us call it "ramoir".  How is it?
I decided to write some humorous(?!) incidents and anecdotes.  To make them realistic I am going to use real characters like my parents, siblings, cousins, wife and her relatives and of course friends.  These ramoirs may be fully factual or partly factual and partly fictional  or totally fictional.  Please bear this in mind and do not jump to any conclusions!  My intentions are NOT to insult, ridicule, annoy or offend anyone, but to amuse the reader.  In case anyone of the readers is felt offended I pray that I may be shown mercy and be excused.

      When I keyed in the word "mercy"  I remembered the quality of mercy explained by my dear friend Shakespeare who died years before I was born.  However the quality of Mercy lives and will live forever because The quality of mercy is not strained or restricted;
it drops as the gentle rain from heaven that is clouds on the place beneath the clouds that is the ground. It is twice blessed:  it blesses him that gives mercy and him that takes mercy.  it’s most powerful in the most powerful people; it suits the throned king better than his crown; his royal wand shows the force of earthly power, the quality to amaze and rule, where the dread and fear of kings sits; but mercy is above the wave of this wand, It sits on a throne in the hearts of kings, it is a quality of God himself; and earthly power then shows itself like God's when mercy goes with justice. So, My dear reader, though justice is your plea (!?), consider this, that if we all got justice, none of us would see salvation; we pray for mercy, and that same prayer teaches us all to do the deeds of mercy. I have written (nay copied) this much to soften you and pardon me.
        Well folks!  That is it for now!  If my dear child likes this (?) I will scribble something more in the future.

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